Wailing Dragon

Lucifer is a loser for sure. The single truth at the bottom of a mountain of lies that will ravel everything you thought you knew! We chose to use ravel in its correct context because so many people use it incorrectly. When something is raveling, it is coming apart. Exposing lies with truth means the deception is raveling or being uncovered. If you were to put back together something that has come apart, that would be un-raveling it.


Wailing Dragon

Shinning a bright light into the deepest darkness. When you don’t know that you are missing ‘need to know’ information, you are on a suicide mission. As you stumble in darkness you provide entertainment for the evil one. See the light, learn the truth, overcome evil with good!


Wailing Dragon

The sign of the times changing to empower scripture-based believers!

about us

We are tired of hearing the helpless masses saying, “What are you going to do?”
In the face of so much lying, cheating and fraud.
We are ready to get proactive.
We want to expose a tried and true method for dealing with worldliness
Our Creator’s ‘what people should do’.

Who We Are

We are bold Christians who fear GOD, read the sacred scriptures of the Holy Bible and Pray to GOD. We see the ways of the world and worldly people as competing interests in how all people spend their time, money and expend their effort and energy. We understand this life is only temporary and the greatest gift one human can share with another is the hope toward eternal life in paradise.

We focus on storing up treasures in heaven. As long as life may seem, it is only temporary.

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WE provides a variety

of services

From organizing the information contained in scripture so it makes chronological sense, to connecting widely separated components of scriptural meanings, to a fictional saga with a meaningful storyline.
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What We Do

We take what is already available in scripture and apply it to contemporary issues.
Why do things work the way they do?
What do we need to look for?
How do we know if we are scripturally supported in our words and deeds?
What can we do to bring our lives into alignment with scripture?
We examine these questions in scriptural context and try to provide positive, encouraging and uplifting answers.
We have planned a series of fictional stories to enlighten and entertain at the same time!
Check back with us soon and regularly, many good things are in the works here.


We are made without asking to be

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The records of each living soul’s

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The living soul believes itself free

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The worldly ways of defeating

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There is always another fight to be fought.


When the problem becomes all you can see, change your perspective.


The power to change is within you.

why us?

Scripture is a Reliable Source

The power of scripture can be unlocked in a true believer’s life.

GOD is available to us a round the clock 24/7 X 365

Not only does GOD provide us

Immediate Response

Instant karma happens! If you know what you are seeing when it happens it makes better sense.


Common worldly solutions to problems faced by all, result in a downward spiral of worsening conditions. We will discuss many in time. What is in the worldly view a thing worthy of respect to worldly people, is often what people of faith say has, “built in fail,” written all over it! We will discuss such things in detail in the future. Things like what is wrong with the GMO industry the way it is, the problems with the pill for every ailment and why clean power in sufficient amounts is possible. These are all examples of how distractions from scripture-based faith are leading us toward destruction.

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