About Us

The idea that became Wailing Dragon Publications LLC, was first formed in 1994. It began with one angry young man talking to an older wiser man. The young man didn’t understand much about what the bible said. He had been fighting against what he saw as the corruption of the world on his own. He wasn’t realizing anything close to the success he had envisioned for himself.

The Older and much wiser man saw the young man in his struggles and asked a simple question, “What is it that you are really angry about?” The young man answered, “The unfairness of the whole world.” The wise man asked another question, “Who ever said life was fair?”


To that the angry young man replied, “GOD! The Bible says that GOD is all seeing, all knowing and all powerful. HE is supposed to make things right.”
The wise man asked one more question, “Whose rules are you playing by? HIS or yours?”
That caused the angry young man to consider his methods. “I have been doing what I was taught. It just seems that the whole world works backwards from the way it is supposed to.”
Then the wise man asked the angry young man, “Have you read the bible?”
The angry young man had not read the bible for himself. That began the process of bible study which became a life long pursuit for the young man. In 2014, after twenty years of studying the bible the angry young man was no longer fighting the world by the world’s rules.
He learned from his bible studies that the world is ruled by the fallen and cast out angels. They are still at war with GOD. They see the destruction of GOD’s creation of humankind as victory in their war with GOD.
They are the ones working behind the scenes to manipulate people. The fallen and cast out angels are the architects of unfairness in the world. They have caused everything in this world to work backward from the way GOD intended it to. They stacked the deck against humankind.
The only way for most people to achieve great wealth and power in this world is for them to, “Make a deal with the devil!” Once a person joins the cause of the fallen and cast out angels, they are participating in their own destruction.
The side effect is that they grow in wealth, power and influence and begin to make laws and institute programs that further the agenda of evil on Earth. The average person just trying to get by from day to day is completely unaware of the set up. Most of the evil we contend with on a daily basis is packaged and advertised as, “For the best interests of all.”
Who’s best interests? The best interest of those seeking the destruction of humankind! Diminishing your rights, increasing your financial burdens, limiting the benefits of your available options, etc., etc. It is a concerted effort and the pressure is sustained over great lengths of time. In one life time there are a number of visible changes. Over numerous lifetimes the changes become drastic.
For all the best interests we have been promised in this world, the world has not become a better place. It keeps getting worse. That is the truth of the life is not fair sentiment. Why is it not fair? Because most people believe that there is nothing that they can do about it. The world has beat people down and made them forget about trying to change it for the better.
Most people react by focusing on what they can do to make their personal reality better. They don’t realize what they are doing. They are playing right into the hand that the devil has dealt them. He stacked the deck he is using to bring humankind closer to destruction. Selfish pursuits are the devil’s favorite tool of destruction. People do all the work, he gets all the credit.
After twenty years the now older and much wiser angry young man put into practice what he had learned from the scriptures. The fallen and cast out angels did not look favorably upon the man. They saw him embracing the scriptures and praying to GOD and living a life in accordance with scripture and their power to afflict him waned and faded.
The once angry young man now saw life in this world in a whole different light. Everything was not backward, but just as it was described in scripture. Those who indulge in worldly pursuits and seek worldly pleasure and rewards only, get exactly what they are seeking.
Those who seek to follow the laws of GOD in scripture not only live a calmer and more peaceful life on Earth, but they are storing up treasures in heaven. They are keeping open the option for eternal life in paradise. The desire to share this knowledge with others became Wailing Dragon Publications LLC.
At Wailing Dragon, we see the physical human existence in this world as only one component of our whole being. We unknowingly move through a hotly contested battle ground on Earth. Spiritual forces are at work all around us every day. They impact our lives in every way.
There are those forces for good that would help us. Then we have entities that work for our destruction and would do us harm. Between the two diametrically opposed forces, the creation of GOD, humankind, is trying to survive in a world that seems to be aligned against us.
“Life isn’t fair,” is a truism of our time. We have been deliberately misled. There are many bibles within easy reach of us. Our world makes time to read it almost impossible. If we go to church, we only get a few minutes of scripture one time a week. That is not enough to set right the skewing of our perception that occurs every hour of every day throughout each week.
Many people are aware of the ‘seven deadly sins.’ What some have not connected to them are the seven things that GOD hates. Religious people can argue that for each of the seven deadly sins there is a blessed and holy virtue. What is there for the things that GOD hates?
Religious people don’t have an answer. They only contend that GOD will protect us from all harm.

At Wailing Dragon, we ask, “If that is true, why then is there so much evil in the world today? Why does it seem to be getting worse on a daily basis? Is secularized religion to blame?”
The truth is that the vices and virtues are ancient enemies fighting a war to extinguish each other’s existence. The things that GOD hates fight on the side of vice. The things that GOD loves have joined the war on the side of virtue. These competing forces infiltrate our daily lives and seek to recruit us to their side of the war.

Our life experience is the battlefield they make war in, on and around. In this ancient war the Holy virtues and the seven things that GOD loves shine a light onto our path. They want us to see what is really going on for ourselves. They encourage our use our free will to say and do positive, encouraging and uplifting things.

To the contrary the unholy vices and the seven things that GOD hates cast shadows onto our path. They don’t want us to have the opportunity to use our free will. They work very hard to limit our choices, sway our thoughts and manipulate our words and deeds. Their goal is to cause us to fall into destruction. Once we have fallen, we share the same fate as they do, eternal suffering.
Wailing Dragon describes the defeated dragon of Revelation. It has been beaten by the host of heaven. GOD has cast it into the lake of fire. It is falling toward the doom it has dreaded for many thousands of years. Only in this moment does it realize how wrong it has been.
No longer can it prey upon the uniformed. We are publishing the scriptural ‘bane of the dragon’. We are telling stories of people who have overcome evil with good. We are describing a possible reality in fictional stories that inspire scripture-based faith. We are proposing a new vision for many of the thing’s humankind says and does. We are moving forward by describing alternative future possibilities that will progress the agenda of GOD in scripture!
The world has painted a picture of nothing to fear in this life. The world says that there is no devil to tempt you, or hell to punish sinners. Wailing Dragon exposes how the game of life we are forced to play is carefully manipulated to set us up for failure.
Many are the tricks of the evil one. He is sly, subtle and patient. When the opportunity arises, he pounces from ambush and instantly overwhelms us. Only by being vigilant and exercising due diligence can scripture-based faith guide our use of free will in a way that limits our exposure to the evil ones many and diverse dangers, tricks and traps.
What Wailing Dragon Publications LLC makes available to you is also carefully crafted to turn the table on the evil one and his minions. The evil one has worked very hard for a very long time to make the world what it is today. He has stacked the deck so he can deal out losing hands to the rest of us. When we turn the table, the evil one gets the hand he meant for us. We get the winning hand!