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From organizing the information contained in scripture so it makes chronological sense, to connecting widely separated components of scriptural meanings, to a fictional saga with a meaningful storyline.

In today’s world people spend a lot of time at work. Over the author’s life time, worker productivity has increased over 300%. During that same time period worker wages have only increased about 120%. Who is making the remaining 180%? Is it any wonder the old fashioned “American Dream,” has turned into just surviving? Why do so many people have a second and third job? Why are so many people on government assistance?

The answers to these questions are pieces of the puzzle “The meaning of life”.

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GOD is not limited by the human understanding of HIM.  Just because we do not see the possibility does not mean it is impossible.  It is only impossible until someone does it.  Scripture-based faith is the same way.  If no one ever tries it, there will always be an abundance of lying, cheating and fraud.

If we use our productivity advantage to return to a scripture-based faith, the puzzle pieces that are the meaning of life will fall into place.

We use creative writing skills centered on scripture-based faith to demonstrate how we see things working in a world that operates in accordance with scripture. We offer a no-nonsense point by point, what you need to know the most plan for a strong scripture-based faith.

We explain the secret meanings of scripture in context with the whole bible. Including the ‘red words’ which are those of Jesus Christ himself when he walked this Earth. They are the most powerful words in the Bible!

“Our first offering is, “The Arsenal of Faith.” It is forty-five pages. It begins with a personal youth football experience that provides a reference point for a ‘life isn’t fair’ lesson on faith. Throughout we try to be entertaining, informative and scripturally accurate. The examples and descriptions are made to demonstrate a scriptural truth.

How we apply scriptural truths in our daily lives is the difference between eternity in paradise and eternal suffering. If we don’t know that our ignorance of some fact, or set of facts, is the stumbling block that is holding us back; how do we get the knowledge that is absent?

Unlike stupidity, ignorance is fixable! If all you lack is a fact, or set of facts, then gaining that fact, or set of facts, will make change possible. Wailing Dragon presents scriptural facts in a new way. We are innovative in our approach to empowering people of faith with scriptural support. Where you take it from there is between you and GOD!

If we lived in a world in which the scripture of the Holy Bible was followed exactly by all people, we would have a place we call, “Hells Torment.”  “Hells Torment,” is a faith-based fiction saga.  The saga begins with “Reviling the Darkness.”  The first novel introduces villains and heroes.  It sets the stage for spiritual warfare.  The escalating conflict between competing interests drives intense action.  No one can be sure of anything except there is always something else trying to take away what good we have.

To help make the learning of these new concepts a fun pastime Wailing Dragon is working on making a role-playing game based on the fictional characters and storyline presented in the upcoming release, “Reviling the Darkness.” A story connecting biblical history (with an abundance of personal artistic license added in) to contemporary American events. The villain is truly a very evil entity. The hero and heroine are everyday folks. The story line begins with the villain in the “Old Testament” times. At the time of a worldwide biblical catastrophe one of the evil gods of the Old Testament rescues the villains. Because of the evil god’s intervention, the villains are able to start a new campaign of evil against humankind in our modern age.

Those who face the villain have to contend with an ancient and very potent evil. Not all the myths and fables of early human culture are just stories meant to coerce children in to obeying their parents! Some of them are warnings to the future that what plagued the past will return in the right conditions.

If nothing else is certain, the condition of scripture-based faith in modern America today is portrayed by mass media as a fading commodity. For the faithful remnant this story will be vindicating. For those who do not have faith, the story will be entertaining and provocative.

Once the story is read, the experience will open a new avenue of perception for readers. The spiritual war is real, it is being fought all around us every day. It will become visible to readers. The companion work, “The Arsenal of Faith,” helps define the rules of the spiritual conflict according to scripture. For readers who take them together the framework of GOD’s reality for humankind is revealed.

There is an old adage that became a popular song many years ago, “You have to stand for something, or you will fall for anything.” Wailing Dragon stands for Scripture-based faith. If you follow scripture, many of the unexplainable mysteries of this world are opened up to you through faith. The writings of Wailing Dragon Publications LLC are geared toward the practical application of scriptural truth to solve real life challenges.

We are starting off here. “The Arsenal of Faith,” forthcoming will be, “Reviling the Darkness.” After these two more is planned. Along the way we have planned some discussions that highlight the difference between the way the world works under the evil one’s rulership now, and the way GOD intended for us to live on this Earth.

As always, “May GOD bless you with all the blessings that HE can bestow upon you!”