“The first time I read “The Arsenal of Faith,” I realized how little I knew about the spiritual side of my life. Once I knew what I was missing there was a sense of peace that came into my life. Thank You Wailing Dragon! My life has had a spiritual awakening because of you.”

Karen from Alberqueue NM.

“After reading, “The Arsenal of Faith,” I felt an instant surge in my faith. I used to wonder about a lot of things in scripture. I often found myself doubting my faith and paying the price for that. No more! I have scripture supported faith. I know what the enemy is trying to do and how to prevent his success. Thank You Wailing Dragon!”

Chuckfrom Knoxville TN.

“I received “The Arsenal of Faith,” as a gift. I didn’t know what it was really about. I picked it up and started reading. I was struck by the meaning the author gave to scripture. I didn’t feel like I was being preached at. I was genuinely entertained by the story. I was able to view the events described through a new perspective. When I realized the new perspective translated directly to everyday life, I was blown away by what GOD revealed to me spiritually.”

Robert from Detroit MI.