We are made without asking to be
We exist without knowing why
We wonder what is to come
“In the celestial forge of souls, a physical being’s mettle is tried in the fire of existence. To each living soul a measure of the infinite and eternal spirit is poured in. The words and deeds of the individual in life impact the final result.

A lifetime filled with bountiful words of kindness and edification combined with a plethora of caring deeds and good stewardship add to the measure of the soul poured in at creation.


A lifetime filled with endless words of cruelty and mischief combined with diverse selfish deeds and a love of frolicking diminish the measure of the soul poured in at creation.”



The records of each living soul’s words and deeds are kept for the final judgment!
Growing up I was an independent thinker. I usually tried to do things my own way. If it didn’t work out and I was questioned about it, I usually lied about what had happened.

This so irritated my parents that they told me, “I wish I had a recording device that followed you around and recorded everything you said and did.

The truth is we all will stand before our creator and HE will demand that we account for every word spoken and every deed done. The recording device is in us, it is our soul. It comes from GOD when we are conceived. When we pass from this physical existence our soul returns to heaven. It waits for the day of judgment. All those who lived a life on Earth will have their moment before the heavenly throne of judgment.


The living soul believes itself free to self-direct without consequences.
Free will is a double-edged sword, both a blessing and a curse. The individual is capable of any words or deeds they chose. The weight and impact of one’s life time of words and deeds may not be realized during the physical existence. The All-Knowing will make it clear to each one on the last day. The place one will spend in the forever-after hangs in the balance.



The worldly ways of defeating scripture-based justice with a carefully placed bribe, the politics of favoritism, the corporate interpretation of morals, values and ethics and the agenda of the privileged few will no longer protect the guilty.

Standing before the throne of GOD on judgment day will be an absolutely unique experience for almost everyone there. For the poor and down trodden masses, the corrupt system that keeps us down will be replaced with an actual fair system. For the wealthy few, the corrupt system that keeps them in power will be replaced by the same fair system for all. No bribes will be accepted, no loop holes exist to be exploited, no delaying tactics will be aloud to wait until the pressure for justice subsides. Answer in the present moment once and for all.

The meek will inherit paradise, the rich already have their reward. For those who were true to scripture-based faith, the treasures they stored up in heaven will be revealed to them.


Every person has the same choice. There are only two paths. The consequences or benefits are eternal!
Most people have convinced themselves that there is an extensive grey area between the light and dark. With that belief some of those people live life by their own interpretation of how things should be. Some people think that they should always come first over everyone else. Other people think that they are owed something in this life. Still others believe that it is there place in life to point out the flaws of other people.
What every single person says and does in this life moves them either toward the light, or further into the light or it draws them into darkness, or deeper into the darkness. There is no grey area anywhere.

hell heaven


Whose hands is your future in?
Do you live a life, “Just getting by the best you can? Are you certain of the rules of the game of life and the forever-after? Are you doing what you think is expected of you or what you know that you need to?
The spiritual forces around us know what the scriptures say. They contend with each other over our souls. The heavenly, celestial spirits want to lead us to salvation. Those from hell or the infernal spirits want to lead us to destruction.

What is at steak

They fight over our souls! Do we even know why? Is it something we should want to know?
At Wailing Dragon, our premise is the war in heaven between the angels began right after GOD created humankind. We postulate that certain of the angels saw GOD showing greater favor to HIS newest creation caused some angels to become jealous. Carrying the postulation forward those angels who became jealous saw GOD’s favor toward humankind as an insult.
The preexisting angels had seniority. They had proved themselves over the ages. They had long been accustomed to being the only children of GOD. The new arrival of humankind upset the norm. In their jealousy they formed a rebellion against GOD. Their rebellion was crushed. They had fallen from grace and were exiled from the celestial realm to the Earthly one.


They could not win a war against GOD. In their defeated, fallen and outcast condition, they saw destroying the creation as the path to victory in their war against GOD. Now humankind is faced with ever more devious and dangerous attacks of the infernal spirits. They do not want to suffer their punishment alone. Every human soul corrupted is another person to share their misery with. The reason rebellious angels defy GOD and say, “We told you there was a better way.


The one and only way out

All though it seems that humankind is doomed to destruction, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
No, it is not a train headed in our direction! It is the light of scripture-based faith. In the darkness of the labyrinth set up for us on this Earth by the infernal spirits that seek our destruction is the light of one who already defeated the evil one.
HIS light is a sanctuary. It teaches us the rules, how to apply them and what to look for when we are contending with the evil one in our daily lives. If we make ourselves children of GOD and seek HIS kingdom first above all other considerations, then the evil one and his minions will see the light in us.
They fear the light more than anything else. Every liar fears the truth. Our enemy deceives all who have no light in them. Those who lack the light are his chosen targets. Those who are just beginning to learn the truth and have experienced the first spark of the light are the ones he fights the hardest against. Once a person has been blessed by the grace of GOD with an ever-burning inner light, the evil one knows he is powerless to harm that person.

The only way the devil can tempt a person with the ever-burning inner light in them, is by causing the person to turn from GOD, thus removing the blessing and extinguishing the light in them. The evil one is very patient and persistent with his tricks, traps and misdirection’s. Without GOD, HIS scripture and faith, a person is spiritually at risk to the infernal spirits.
What Wailing Dragon has tried to do is prepare a quick start guide to faith. The most important fundamentals of faith are gathered together. They are presented in such a way that a first-time reader can put the fundamentals into practice the very first day.
It is not easy. The devil is not a quitter. He has been on the losing end of the war for over six thousand years. He keeps fighting. He will fight all the way to the end. We have to be equally combative to overcome evil with good!