Why Us?

Scripture is a Reliable Source

The power of scripture can be unlocked in a true believer’s life.

GOD is available to us a round the clock 24/7 X 365

Not only does GOD provide us with his rules, HE gives us examples of how to live by them. If we do our part by following HIS rules in our life, we migrate from the chaos of the world to a place of relative calm and peace of mind.

Immediate Response

Instant karma happens! If you know what you are seeing when it happens it makes better sense.

Learning the truth is liberating
Before gaining a deeper understanding of scripture, life seemed to be about struggle, compromise and missing opportunities.  After gaining a deeper understanding of scripture, life became an exercise in choosing my words and deeds to bring me closer to living right in accordance with scripture.

It is a big change.  Many of the worldly pursuits are given up for scriptural ones.  The result is a calmer and more peaceful life.  You can still gain possessions, wealth and influence, but those things are all secondary to faith.

Entertaining reading
The characters on both sides of the spiritual war are vivid, distinguishable and demonstrate their own view in the overall storyline.  Their words and deeds drive both conflict with the enemy and comradery with allies.  It is not a preachy bible study, but a representation of the struggles on both sides of the conflict.  Their motivations, purposes and desires.  The reader will identify with some in a positive way and others in a negative way.

That is the purpose of the writing, to edify the reader with entertaining stories.  When readers reflect upon the story and see common experiences in real life, they will begin to notice things that they were not aware of previously.  Certain scriptural truths will jump out and grab the reader’s attention.  Others will be more subtle and grow into your awareness over time.

Role-playing the scripture-based faith hero
Wailing Dragon is working to present a series of game modules that follow the Hells Torment saga.  Build your game character into the same or equivalent power that the Heroes in the story become.  Embark on your own adventures to overcome evil with good.  The game play is positive reinforcement for applying scriptural truths in conflict.  It will empower believers with scripture-based support for dealing with all the challenges we face in the ongoing spiritual war.